Cataract surgery

The role of the primary care optometrist has substantially evolved over the past several decades. The days of solely prescribing eyewear and contact lenses have passed as optometrists now play an integral role in the diagnosis and management of ocular and systemic disease. Your primary care optometrists at Southern Illinois Eyecare are your number one source in helping their patient's decide whatever visual needs they might need or have. One of those visual needs for some is cataract surgery and the follow up care needed after surgery.

We have seen many advances in the medical and surgical management of ocular disease. Due to the development of better pharmaceuticals, improvements in intraocular lens design and advances in surgical technique, the average cataract patient can expect to have almost instantaneous visual improvement in a relatively short post operative period.

Your optometrists play a substantial part in the preoperative and postoperative care of the cataract patient. Thus, it is imperative that your provider--Southern Illinois Eyecare be well educated and experienced when it comes to co-managing the surgical cataract patient. Cataract surgery is usually a very pleasant experience for both the patient and provider when careful planning and care are undertaken. If cataract surgery in decided upon by you and your optometrist, they will discuss pre-operative and post-operative issues.

During your per-operative exam your eye care provider will go over the types of intraocular lenses that are now available. There are intraocular lenses that correct your distance vision, astigmatism, and reading. They will also go over what kind of eye drops you will use before surgery and the care and drops used during your post-operative care.

Your post-operative care begins the very next day after surgery. Your provider will see you the following morning and go over your questions, and drop schedule. If additional drops are needed or any other special issues need attention, they will take care of it at that time. After day one, you are usually seen again in one week, and then two weeks. Upon your third visit, if glasses are need, they will be prescribed at that time. After your third visit, you will be seen again in six months and then yearly after that or as determined by your provider.

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